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“an outstanding job”


Aiken Builders, lead by owner Clayton Aiken, has been in the business of building homes in the mountains of North Carolina since 1993. With over 29 years of experience, our customer focus is to provide the highest degree of craftsmanship and experience in this very unique and beautiful area. We believe the homes we build should reflect these qualities in every detail.



“highest quality... highest integrity”

“detail and craftsmanship… exceeded our expectations”


The big things are usually the small details. Building each home is the orchestration of a thousand details… none of them trivial. Each step lays the foundations for the next, and when you make each step the best it can be, the end result is always greater than the sum of it’s parts.



“a delightful experience.”

“extremely honest”

“our best interests at heart”


Shouldn’t this be the way everything is done? No one expects building a home to be an easy process… but with the right experience and an honest, home-owner focus, it can be a wonderful experience for everyone. Our bottom line: do things right, put integrity and pride into work, go home happy. It all adds up to a house you love to come home to.


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