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Dear Mr. Aiken:



I sincerely want to thank you and your staff for the overall excellent job you did in constructing our house in Sapphire, North Carolina. The finished product reflects your integrity. We were apprehensive about building a house 550 miles from where we live knowing that most of the time we would not be there to watch the construction. You came highly recommended by Frank Wilder a good friend and Realtor in Cashiers and your attention to detail and craftsmanship surpassed all of our expectations. When we did visit we were very impressed with the high quality work that your staff performed and how they worked together as a team. We have had several friends who have stayed at the house and they were very impressed with the workmanship. I also want to complement you for keeping the site clean and I should mention that the Homeowners Association complemented you as well for complying with all of the subdivision rules relating to new construction.


In addition, I want to comment you for the changes you recommended to the original design. Redesigning the prow effect on the rear wall and extending the vaulted trusses to cover one-third of the deck made the house more appealing and functional. You excelled at all of the things that are important in the process of building a house: you met the construction deadlines, kept in touch with us along the way, you built the house right and you were always honest with us. In an era when you expect problems I am happy to say we have not had a single problem with that house. You are a consummate professional and an asset to that region, and I highly recommend your company to anyone who needs the services of a contractor. Once again thank you for an enjoyable experience and good luck to you and your staff in the future!



Alan Mayberry & Joyce Kirchoffer, Owners


16 N. Comet Avenue

Clearwater, Florida, 33765

Phone (727)447-2119


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