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It all seemed like a simple enough project. Just find you a good realtor to help you find the property you would like to build on, and then the rest would just fall into line. Not really! My wife and I had thought about building in the North Carolina mountains for about eight years and finally found a piece of land to purchase. We had the good fortune of being referred to a contractor named Clayton Aiken by our realtor whom we had known and trusted for the eight years we were looking for the property. We were told all kinds of horror stories about building in the mountains and didn’t know who to trust. Clayton Aiken turned out to be just the right man for the job. He has lived his whole life in the Rosman, N.C. area and has built many fine homes in the mountains. He was highly recommended by our realtor as well as our architect. He has a great working relationship with other contractors and sub-contractors that were needed to build out home.


Clayton is the type of person that you can feel completely at home with because he is going to look after your property and investment like it was his own. Clayton doesn’t take short cuts or use seconds on materials. He is extremely honest and reliable in his projections and estimates of materials and cost. Most importantly he knows what he is doing! If he tells you a concern he has with some part of the plans or change orders you can count on the fact that he is looking out for you best interest. He is extremely dependable and does exactly what he says he will do. My wife could not believe how neat he kept the work site. His attention to detail is incredible. If I had known what I now know about building in the mountains I would have contacted Clayton Aiken before I even purchased the land to get his opinion on what to do before we even signed a sales contract. Clayton was able to connect all the dots for us on building and completion of our mountain home. I recommend him to anyone who chooses to call me. My wife and I could not have been more pleased with our building experience with Clayton Aiken Builders.


Ralph and Marlene Porter

(Retired Chief of Police and retired Teacher)



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