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To Whom It May Concern:


I have known Clayton Aiken of Aiken Builders for 12 years. I first met him when he was building a spec house for a small developer. We eventually purchased that house with another family and were extremely happy with it. I distinctly remember my first impression while I saw this house being built was the quality of construction. Clayton takes great pride in the quality of his work. I have never seen him cut corners to save time or money. In fact, he makes the extra effort to do things right that not all contractors will take the time to do.


After observing the construction of several more houses by Aiken Builders, in 1999 we contracted with Clayton to build a larger house next to the original house we purchased. In fact, I had developed sufficient trust in Clayton’s integrity that we mutually agreed to build the house without any formal contractual agreement. He prepared an itemized cost estimate and we began. As the construction progressed, we made changes, either by Clayton’s recommendation to improve quality or save money, or by simple design changes we preferred. When the house was finished, we couldn’t have been happier.


In the summer of 2006, we made an addition to our house. Although the addition was small in square feet, the structional requirements to make it tie into our existing house were significant. Again Aiken Builders was the contractor. We never considered anyone else. I do not think we would have had the level of confidence with any other contractor.


In short, let me say that Clayton Aiken is an honest and reliable businessman, a man of high integrity, and a religious man. What a wonderful combination to find when you are making one of the most significant investments in your lifetime, your home.


If any additional information is needed, I may be contacted at 828-743-7651 or my cell phone is 239-850-7011.


Very Sincerely,


F.A. Prather, Jr.


Prather Letter of Recommendation
Prather Letter of Recommendation